Pre-Halloween Madness

First official post!!! And I, the lucky Felicity, get to write it! Yay!

So Halloween is a big deal to all of us here at The Shire. (We refer to our home as that a lot. It's more fun saying,"At the Shire," than, "At home." Right?!) We go all out for Halloween, with decorations, elaborate costumes, and delicious food cooked by Willow. 
We've decided that this month we're going to do themed pre-Halloween posts, leading up the glorious day itself. We'll let you see our costumes, how we've decorated our home, and how we celebrate Halloween. 
Today, I thought I'd show you what we did this morning. 

Willow was testing out Halloween recipes, which is good news for the rest of us. We're her official taste-testers! =D

Cecile and Charlie were arguing over how to assemble the trick-or-treat baskets.

"We should stack them," Charlie repeated, for the third time that morning.

Cecile just shook her head and picked up two of the baskets from the pile on the floor.

"They'll fall if we stack them, plus it'll be harder for us to grab them on Halloween." 
They continued to bicker, and in fact, I can still hear them arguing from where I am, in the office of the house. 

Kaya had already planned out her costume, and McKenna was fixing her hair.

"Try pulling the braids tighter, MK. I can feel them slipping down." 
"They're not slipping Kaya. I'm moving them." 

Saige and Marie-Grace were upstairs, trying to find some good spooky music to play.
"Play that one again, Marie."
"It's not a Halloween song though..."
"It sounds like one."
"Mmm... alright."

And I... well, I was over to the side, trying not to suffocate as I squirmed into my costume. 
Elizabeth stood by to help me, but we were still having issues.
"I think it's your hair, Lissie! The opening isn't big enough for your head when your hair is in a bun!"
I just grumbled and continued to tug on the dress.

Finally, after much tugging, the dress slipped over my head, and settled around my shoulders. 
"YES!" I exclaimed. Elizabeth smiled and looked relieved. 
"I thought we'd never get it on you..." Elizabeth trailed off, staring down at my feet. 
"What's wrong?" I asked, pulling back the dress material. 
"Well... nothing. I just don't think high-tops exactly go with that outfit."


So that was most of our morning. And to think, we've still got a month to go 'till Halloween. 
We hope you enjoyed this, and if you have questions about anything please ask below!
We hope you'll enjoy the next month of pre-Halloween posts! 
We'll even try and showcase some crafts, as well! 

Until next time,


  1. This is such a cute photo story! I love their little Halloween baskets! There is also something about Marie Grace's pin curls.. they look amazing in that picture she is in! I can't wait for more of these awesome Halloween posts, and lastly, your signature is awesome Felicity! :D

    ~ Mint

    1. Thank you Mint! We found the baskets at a local craft store. Adaline was ecstatic!
      And Marie-Grace says thank you! She's quite fond of her pin curls.
      Glad somebody is excited, more Halloween fun on the way!!
      P.S. Thanks about my siggy; Adi helped me make it! :D

    2. You're totally welcome! Well, she did a great job helping you! :)

      ~ Mint

  2. Cute!! Halloween isn't really big at our house, but I love seeing posts about it :)

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, Halloween wouldn't be that huge for us but it falls along with Elizabeth's birthday on the 4th of November, so it helps distract her so we can get some birthday party planning stuff done. =D

    2. Oh, that makes total sense then ;)

  3. They're all so adorable!! Love the story along with the pictures, you did a really awesome job!! :3

  4. I love all the little Halloween props, especially the Halloween baskets! I also love your signature, Lissie ;D



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