~Abditus Orbis Episode 2~

*crying tears of joy*


*collapses on floor waving white flag* 


To: TommayIsLove@gmail.com

From: LouisNationalHistoryMuseumFAQ@LNH.com

Subject: Town Border

Hello Ms. Rosanna,

I just received your email concerning your questions about the town border and the perimeter fence around it. I’m unsure as to why you are so fascinated with it, but I do have some answers for you. 

There are notes of the wall being there from back in the late 1600’s. Old journals have been found from long deceased members of the founding family of this town, and it seems even back then there was a fence up, albeit a wooden one. 

Town rules state that no person may go near the gate located on the S.W. edge of town. Section C, Line 21 states, ”Any person suspected of trespassing on the grounds near the border or attempting to pass beyond the perimeter will be prosecuted and fined.” 

We have some books here at the museum that concern more about the town’s history. Perhaps you would find more information about the town border within them. 


Manager of Louis National History Museum

Rosanna sat on her bed, eyes skimming over the paper of the email she had printed out. She was unsure of how many times she had read the thing, scouring over the printed words; grasping for any attainable information that hadn't been directly said. 

It'd been nearly a week since Rosanna had come to Aunt Shelly's. Rosanna had spent every hour of the past 168 ones finding out as much as she could about the town. She'd gathered surprisingly little, considering she'd asked townsfolk everywhere she went and checked out nearly every book on the town at the library. 

Rosanna grunted and tossed aside the letter in mild disgust, as she turned to her laptop. She opened her email, typed a hurried thank you email to C.J., and then scrolled through her bookmarked sites.

Rosanna didn't know why she was obsessed with the perimeter and the town history. She blamed it on her mother's sense of curiosity that she had inherited. But if she was honest with herself, she felt drawn to the wall. Drawn to know what laid behind the cordoned off area around town.

During the week, Rosanna had struggled with herself, trying to stop what she was doing and just relax. How could she, though? Her mother was miles away, her father was dead, and now she was struggling with an obsession over a stupid wall.

There was only one way Rosanna could think of that might soothe her obsession. It could get her fined and prosecuted, but she figured her mental health was far more important in this case. Plus, she'd pay for the fines herself if she had to. That was, if she got caught.

With a sigh, Rosanna slid off of her bed. She left the room, thoughts in a tangled mess.


Rosanna returned to her room 20 minutes later, her old hiking backpack and supplies in her hands. She felt stupid, incredibly so. But she'd made up her mind. She was going to go to the wall, venture beyond it, and return to Aunt Shelly's in a few days. There was nothing else Rosanna could do to soothe her frenzied brain.

Rosanna began to slip supplies into her backpack. Hiking had been a favorite past time of hers, when her father was still alive. It'd been a quiet, bonding time for them; done each weekend. Rosanna had looked forward to each Saturday.

Now, she hated Saturdays. The pain was all too harsh on those days.

Rosanna blinked back tears, and continued to shove bags of fruit and grains in her bag.

"What. Are. You. Doing?!" 

Rosanna spun, to see Vega standing at the edge of her bed. She was painfully aware of everything lying on top of her bed sheets. 

"I'm... going on a hike." Rosanna mumbled lamely.

Rosanna watched as Vega surveyed the things on her bed, her eyes narrowing as they drifted over the paper near the edge.

"What are you doing, Rosanna?!" Vega reiterated, and Rosanna rubbed at her arm, fingers sliding over her skin that was prickled with goosebumps.

"Here." She muttered, grabbing the paper and holding it out to Vega.

Vega was quiet as she read through the email, eyes growing wider with each paragraph further she got. When she was done, she blinked twice, shook her head as if her ears were clogged with water, and handed the paper back to Rosanna without uttering a word.

Rosanna slipped the paper quickly under her pile of clothes, in fear that Aunt Shelly would be next to come inside and see everything.

Still not speaking, Vega reached for Rosanna's backpack and peered inside, eyes sliding over the contents. She frowned deeply, and then straightened.

"Rosanna," She murmured, eyes closed as if talking pained her. "You are insane, if you're doing what I think you are."

"I can't just-"

"I wasn't finished talking!" Vega snapped,and Rosanna pressed her lips firmly together into a straight, hurtful line.

Vega gave a quiet sigh, and then continued.

"If the wall is where you're going, you cannot go alone. Nor can you go with so little provisions. It's folly to think that you can survive with what little you've packed, and how long you may likely be gone."

Rosanna crossed her arms, staring at the impudent pre-teen before her, who was acting far more mature than she actually was.

"So what are you suggesting I do, then?" Rosanna asked.

Vega turned and began to walk out of Rosanna's room. There was no answer, until she reached the edge of the room.

"I'm suggesting that you pack more supplies." 

A pause. Vega remained with her back to Rosanna.

"And that you take me with you." 

With that, Vega left the room, leaving Rosanna gazing blankly at where she'd been. 


You guys have no idea how much of a relief it is to get this sucker up. 

I've had the pictures for ages. 

I was going to do this on Christmas as my present to you all, but with all the festivities, the notion left my mind. So... 

Merry belated Christmas? xD

Hope you enjoyed.

Episodes should be flowing in hopefully at least once a week, maybe once every two weeks. Either way, it'll certainly be quicker than the wait between Ep. 1 & Ep. 2. 

Have a wonderful day guys. =)



  1. 1. I had to lock my self in my room so I could totally focus on this
    2. I just died
    3. Stop writing so good
    4. This is the best story I have ever seen a blogger write
    5. You have extreme talent girl
    6. I'm so glad you didn't wait any longer to post this
    Okay sorry I think I'm done with numbers. *cough cough*
    This was amazing Adi. Everything about it is just...Breathtaking. I am really, really excited to see EP. 3!!
    Thanks for getting it up! Oh, and your new design is too beautiful!! ^-^

    1. 1. Oh my gosh. xD
      2. I'M SORRY.
      3. What are you talking about my writing is crud. xD
      4. Oh my god thank you.
      5. Thank you!!!!
      6. I couldn't take it anymore. xD
      Seriously Rylee, you made my day. Everything you said means so much and just... ugh THANK YOU.
      And hehe, thanks. Doing blog designs is my favorite. =)

  2. I actually lost the small amount of sanity I had when I saw this was up.

    Honestly Adi, you are such an amazing writer, I don't even know what to say °.° this is the best Christmas present ever, the girls and I are super excited for Episode 3!!!
    This was definitely worth the wait ^.^

    I'd say more but I'd sound like a repetitive lunatic, plus you've left me speechless again so I'll just leave and stare at the screen reading this over and over again. ;)

    Don't ever stop being so amazing ^_^


    1. I don't even know how to reply to this Maddie, because you've flattered me so much and just overall made my day.
      Thank you so much!!!! <3

  3. Wow Adi, this is amazing!!
    I really like how you developed Rosanna's character by adding in the little story about her dad; it really made me feel bad for her!
    I thought the letter at the beginning was genius also!
    Also, the plot twist at the end=AAAAHHH!! It adds so much suspense, and I love it!!!

    Once again, well done Adi; I thouroughly enjoyed this episode! :D

    1. Aww thank you Ginny!
      I try to include little snippets of Rosanna's previous life; helps flesh her out. =)
      Hehe, thanks. It was a random idea that I got and I was really excited about it.
      Thanks again Ginny!!!

  4. That was amazing! You seriously got a keeper of a photo story going ; )

  5. When I saw this was up, I:

    1. Nearly sherieked but couldn't because there were multiple people in the room so I could not :P

    2. I also died.

    3. Came back to life long enough to read the story and am again amazed at your insanely amazing photography and writing.

    4. Agrees with Rylee--This is best story I've ever read ever! :D :D

    This is just so amazing--I love this series so much!!!! :D
    Also, I love your new design--I considered making a background with pictures of my dolls, too, but never have gotten to it :P Would it be OK if I made a background with my pictures of my dolls? I would give you credit, of course, for the idea, because you made it first :) If you would prefer that I not make one like this, that's OK, too.

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. Awww thanks so much Shelby-Grace! It means so much to me that you enjoyed it and were excited to see it up! ^_^

      Of course you can do your background like that! =)

  6. Wow Adi, you are so talented!!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait for episode 3!!!!!!!! Would you mind if I printed out the poster and hung it on Alexandria's wall?

    1. Aww thank you Marissa!
      And I'd be honored if you printed the poster out! ^_^

  7. Oh geez Adi. I have only one thing to say about this.
    This. Is. Amazing.
    I don't think anything else could describe how excited I am for the next episodes. You're such a good writer girl!!
    - Zoë
    Oh yeah. Merry *belated?* Christmas ! :0)

    1. Aww you made my day Zoë. Thank you. <3

  8. I'm not sure if my comment is going to be as eloquent as the others, but, ohmygoodness. This was just AMAZING. The wait was so worth it... and your writing style is just - just - perfect..... :) This series is amazingess <3

    1. Aww thank you Autumn!!! That means so much to me. Especially the compliment on my writing. =)

  9. This is getting really Exciting.
    Super duper exciting.
    ehehehehe, keep goin'! I WANT MOOOREEEE.

    1. Thanks Jess! <3
      I shall keep going!!! I can't stop now. ;)

    *sees Rosanna's email address*
    *sees Rosanna's t-shirt* (Open an Etsy, Adi, I'm begging you. XD)
    I've come to the startling conclusion that Rosanna is - perhaps - a Tom Hiddleston fangirl. Do not be alarmed.

      Haha, I'd open an Etsy but the thing is I can't sew and therefore have to buy all my shirts... not sure if I'd be able to make a profit out of it. (But I may consider doing a custom t-shirt giveaway when I hit 50 followers.)
      And yes, perhaps she is. ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Hehe, thanks Lydia. Sorry the story killed you though. Dreadfully sorry about that. ;)

  12. This is an awesome Christmas present to give! <3 You are incredibly talented.

    1. Thanks Claire! You just made my day. <3

  13. DOIRJSNAIFALANXHCI!!!! Oh my goodness this is sooo good!!!! I can't even wait till the next part!!! XD


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