Bringing Charlie & MK Some Christmas Spirit

Elizabeth and I stood silently, staring at the huddled figure in front of us. We were in the midst of getting our dresses and everything in order for Christmas. But our sister before us had sidetracked us. 

McKenna was swathed in Kaya's faux bear fur blanket, hair mussed. Charlie and her had been in a miserable funk after seeing the last Hobbit movie a few days back. 

I watched MK as she walked slowly over to the dining table, and grabbed a handful of candy canes. I stared shocked at her hair which was tangled and knotted. MK never allowed her hair to get like that. 

We watched as MK shuffled back to her room in tense silence. 

"We have to do something. It's 3 days until Christmas and they've done nothing!" I exclaimed to Felicity as soon as MK had joined Charlie back in what we'd dubbed,"The Cave of Despair." 
"Agreed," Felicity replied. 

"What exactly do you intend to do? Whack them upside the head with a candy cane and watch as they turn festive? And start dancing around the tree singing Christmas carols?" Elizabeth said sarcastically. 
I rolled my eyes.
"No. But I can at least get them out of their room." 

I walked to The Cave of Despair, and slid open the door to the room, surveying the messy room.

Charlie was passed out on her bed, glasses barely in her grasp.

MK was sitting on the piano bench, blanket on her head as she was surrounded by stuffed animals Charlie had thrown off the bed in her discomfort.

I stepped into the room and pulled the blanket off of MK's head. She hissed at me, and I frowned.
"Come on. Get up. We've got stuff to do." 

MK turned away from me, and I sighed. I tossed the blanket across the room and then groaned, pulling MK up off of the bench. 

"Out you go!" I cried, shoving her squealing toward the living room with Elizabeth and Felicity. 

I then turned to Charlie, who was swaddled under a thick blanket. 

I quickly yanked the blanket off of her. 

"What's the big idea?" She groaned, turning to look at me. 

She sat up and frowned.
"Leave me alone." She muttered. 

"Nope." I replied, handing Charlie her glasses. 
Charlie sighed, and slipped the yellow frames on. 

I gently grabbed Charlie's wrist, helping her slide off of the bed. 
"What now?" She asked, and I smiled lightly. 

"Saige! What are you doing?!" 
"Helping," I replied, pushing Charlie out of the room. 

Elizabeth and Felicity had wrangled MK into a chair, and I quickly set to work brushing out her hair. Felicity gussied up Charlie, humming Christmas songs as she went. 

It didn't take long to get Charlie into the spirit of things. She brushed her hair, pushed her glasses firmly on her face, and let Elizabeth pick out her Christmas dress for her. 
MK was still a little dazed, but it worked out well enough because...

We managed to get her into a dress.
A purple dress.
She must still be a little out of it because we haven't heard any condescending comment. 
We figure she'll snap out of it eventually and burn the garment but for now, we've gotten Charlie back into the Christmas mood. 
We're sure MK will follow. =)

We hope to get our Christmas pictures up. They're not "traditional" per-say and we'd love to share them with you all.

Have a wonderful day guys. ^_^

Until next time,


  1. Sometimes I feel like MK myself, not brushing my hair and going back to sleep. I feel like it right now actually :P
    Christmas pictures are so much fun to take :D

    1. Ugh, IKR?!
      And indeed they are. =)

  2. I vote for whacking them upside the head with a candy cane! Hahahahaha no.
    MK seems like someone I know dress wise....... *glances at andie*
    Good job getting the hobbit fans out of their "sad coma" : )

    1. Haha, I think sometimes the girls would vote to do that any day of the year. ;)
      Saige, Elizabeth, & Lissie say thanks. =)

  3. Dear Adi, you just foretold what I will be like on the 23rd. Actually Charlie did...
    Beautiful pictures Adi! All of your dolls look so cute!xD

    1. It was pretty much a summary of what every Hobbit fan was like. xD
      Aww, thanks Rylee! ^_^

  4. I hope they will slip into a better mood. :) MK, you look gorgeous in that dress, and don't you forget it!! Great story Saige (and Adi!!)!!

    1. I'm sure they will. =)
      MK gives a begrudging thanks. xD
      Thanks Ginny! <3

  5. How funny! Agreed, MK must really be out of it for her to put on a *gasp* purple dress :0)
    Can't wait for your Christmas pics!
    - Zoë

  6. Charlie, MK - I feel you on a spiritual level. xD

  7. Cute photostory!:) I know the feeling of being in a daze from a show!;)

  8. Hope MK and Charlie feel better soon!
    Yes, BOFA can have some lasting effects.

    1. They certainly are. =)
      Indeed it does. I'm still kind of recovering from it. xD

  9. I'm glad the girls could get Charlie in the Christmas mood, and although MK's not quite there yet, I'm sure she'll be there soon ;) Merry Christmas Eve!


    1. I'm sure she will be too!
      Hope you had a lovely holiday Maddie! ^_^

  10. So adorable. Merry Christmas from the girls at Little Dollhouse on the Prairie :)

    ~Ellie xx

    1. Thanks Ellie. <3
      Merry (belated) Christmas.

  11. Awwww! This is sooo cute Adi! I really enjoyed reading it! You are such an amazing writer! :)

  12. I love this! It is so funny and heartwarming. :)


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