Thing #1 & Thing #2 Interview I

*partially inspired by Dan & Phil, and the lovely Shannon*
Willow: Orange
Charlie: Blue
Clara: Purple
Finley: Green
MK: Red/Pink

Hello everybody! Welcome to the first episode where my twin and I embark on the journey to interview each of our dorm-mates. We'll ask them questions, give them challenges, do a round of truth or dare-
Basically we're harassing them in our boredom, so we can be provided with free entertainment. 

Essentially, yes. Charlie, with her trusty laptop will record our guest's answers, as well as occasionally asking the questions. 

Which is completely irrational considering Willow took my glasses and I'm blind as a bat. 
Oh shush! You'll be fine. 
Now, to start off, let's welcome... 

Hello! Thanks for having me in your... room...? 
Of course! 

Now, it is required that our guest have cat whiskers; we refuse to conduct the interview without them. Shall you comply with the rules?
Do I have a choice?
Not really, no. Do you really not want them? 

Oh, no, I want them. I was just asking; I can't fathom MK allowing you to put whiskers on her face.
We'll get to that in due time. Now, come closer so I can whisker-ify you. 

Our guest has been whiskered! 
This comes off right? 
Of course. Adi wouldn't have let us do it otherwise. 

Now, Charlie, would you start off by asking a question for dear, Clara?

You're kidding right?! I told you- I can barely make out the letters on my keyboard, let alone this list! 

Humph. Fine, I'll read the questions. 
Okay, first one: Clara, you're trapped on an island, with nothing but your suitcase packed for vacation. You had, of course, no inclination that you were going to be stranded, so you packed purely for a relaxing stay somewhere tropical. What's in your suitcase, and how likely do you think it is you'll be able to survive with those items? 

Oh gosh... There'd probably be a lot of books, and writing supplies. I probably wouldn't do too well at surviving... I'm sure I could fend off wild animals by smacking them with my books, though. 
Sounds like something we would do, huh, Charlie? 
Mmmhmm. I'd like to think I'd live longer than you though, considering I'm smarter. 
Oh, shut it. 

Moving on; Charlie, what's our challenge for Clara?
I think my word doc says,"Do a headstand for a minute." 
I'm not sure if I can do a headstand. 
Don't worry- I'll hold you. 

Start counting to 60, Charlie!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

Hey, Willow, can I borrow...


Y'know what, never mind. Carry on doing what ever you people are doing. And you say I'm the weird one! 

I'm sorry, Clara! Are you all right?!
It's alright. My head hurts, but I'm sure I'm okay. 

Here, I'll fix your hair. Would like to do a dare, or truth next, Clara?
Might as well do a dare. 
Charlie, could you read a dare off the list? 

*mutters* Oh, sure. Tell the blind woman to read. *tosses paper aside* 

Alright Clara, I've got a dare for you. I dare you to go draw a mustache on Finley's face while he's sleeping. 
I don't remember that being on the list of dar-
Are you going to do it, or do you chicken out? 

Considering Finley ate the last of my cereal this morning... I'll do it! 

Onward ho! 


Some Time Later
We really appreciate you doing this with us, Clara! 
It was definitely entertaining. 
It was fun! I can't wait to see the interviews you do with the others. 


Give me that! 

Finley, no! 
I had nothing to do with it!!!
Charlie dared me to!!


So... that was fun.
I didn't know Finley was so vicious. 
I know. Good thing you grabbed the washable marker. Anyways, we hope you enjoyed-

Willow... This is isn't washable. 

I didn't know that there was-




I did actually use washable marker. xD 
All the dolls are perfectly fine, as you can see above. It's amazing how easily the marker comes off with just a wet tissue. It's certainly sparked some ideas for future stuff. 

Hope you enjoyed this! I'm hoping to do more in this series, as I certainly had a great time taking the pictures and thinking up things to do. 

I hope everybody has a lovely day; let me know if you enjoyed this, and who you'd like to see next featured on Thing #1 & Thing #2. :)



  1. this is so adorable im screaming. and Finley is my spirit animal. xD

  2. This was really fun to read! ^_^ Made me smile. :)
    ~Leah <3

  3. AMAZING AND AWESOME AND PLEASE CONTINUE IT and I would like to see Saige. :)

    - Ellie

  4. XD marker revenge. That's awesome. You should totally do more! I love seeing all your doll's quirky personalities.

  5. THIS WAS AMAZING AND HILARIOUS AND I LOVED IT! please do continue it, it made my day. xD


  6. This was great you should defiantly continue it!

  7. This is probably my favorite post of yours. I loved it! Also, would you like to enter my 20 Followers Contest? You don't have to, I just thought you might like it. ;)

  8. Hahaha this was so funny! I would love something like this! It was such a laugh! You definitely need to continue doing it :)
    - Lydia

  9. Loved that! It was really really funny :0)
    - Zoë

  10. This was amazing! It was sooo hilarious and definitely entertaining :)
    Probably one of my favorite posts ever on your blog ^-^

  11. "Basically we're harassing them in our boredom, so we can be provided with free entertainment." I laughed so hard! :)

  12. Hilarious!"Basically we're harassing them in our boredom so we can be provided with free entertainment" Oh my gosh that made me laugh both times I read it! You should totally continue it for sure!


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