~Thank You & Farewell~

I've changed a lot since starting this blog. My interests changed, my personality changed, who I was as a whole changed. 
I don't really want to write this, but I don't know what else to do. And I guess it won't really come to a shock to anyone, as it's obvious I haven't been on here in ages. 

I've kind of been living in denial concerning this blog. I figured if I gave myself time, I'd end up being inspired again, and wanting to do more with my dolls. 

But I'm not inspired. And I don't want to do photo-shoots, or stories, or anything anymore with them. It's been, like, what? Three months? Four? Either way it's been a while since a true, decent posting time. 

It's cruel to hop on here once a month, to post a lame photo-shoot before disappearing again. 

I don't hate dolls. I won't be packing them up and stuffing them in the garage. I just can't bring myself to be a doll blogger at this point in time. And who knows? Maybe next year I'll feel differently. But for now, this is my unofficial, official sign off. 

I really appreciate those of you who shared this with me. All your sweet comments, and feedback meant the world. You let me achieve one of my dreams. And for that I'll be forever grateful. 

Thank you. All of you. :)

Perhaps this blog will get used again. 

But for now, I wish you all a very fond farewell. 

xo Adaline

(I'm not leaving blogging as a whole. I'll still be writing and ranting over at Silhouette, as always.)


  1. I gets it. I haven't been that inspired with my dolls recently. Yeah I did KOC but after I finished/before that I was like "now what?" and haven't done much other than take occasional photo-shoots for my Instagram. If you think this is the best thing - and sometimes letting go of stuff can be a really great thing - then I'm totally behind you, 100%. See you on Silhouette! :)


  2. You were an absolute AMAZING doll blogger in this doll community! You took amazing pictures and made me smile :) You will be truly missed, and I hope you live a wonderful life :)

  3. 100% absolutely positively support your decision, magma. :3 you were an inspiration to us all, and i say that with more confidence than i thought could come out of me. ;) although i'll miss seeing little charlie and reading about mk, i'm glad you're moving on and doing what's going to make you happier in the long run. ^-^ also i know how you feel regarding dolls and not really feeling the same connection with them as you once did, so you're not alone there. see you on silhouette!

    -mad hatter

  4. You were an amazing doll blogger! It's sad to hear you say that you won't be posting here anymore, but I'm so glad you're still posting on Silhouette. <3

  5. I completely understand, Adi. :) You have been such an inspiration to me, and I am so glad that I've gotten to know you. I'll be sure to read Silhouette more often, because I've been falling down on the job on that ;)

  6. You have been such an inspiration to me, and you were such an awesome doll blogger. <3 Although I'm sad to see you leave this blog, I 100% support your decision. So glad I'll still be seeing you on Silhouette. :)

  7. We'll miss you, Adaline. Thank you for all the great work and effort you put into your blog. Always remember to be true to you first and foremost. Best wishes now and in your future endeavors.

  8. I'll miss you Adaline. Thank you, though, for inspiring the blogging community, and the amount of effort you put into your blog. We'll miss you bunches! :)

  9. Ooh , I would be so mad at you but you used a TROYE Sivan GIF so I can't be that mad . I'm going to miss you soo much , but at least you'll still be blogging and I'll know you're not completely dead . We are going to miss you so much as a doll blogger , but you gotta do what you gotta do . So Farewell, my internet friend . Stay forever connected with wifi and always have good connection . P.S. Do you have a tumblr ?

  10. Bye! I'll miss you. You were always so nice to me, and were one of my first internet friends. I'll keep checking in on you on Silhouette! :) Thanks for inspiring us bloggers and for your amazing time here! I hope we have given back to you as much as you've given to us.


  11. Amazing

    you people makes smile on my face.


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