The Family

Hi! I’m Felicity, but you can call me Lissie! I’m the oldest at the dorm, and the one who tends to run the place. I’m cousins with Saige, who is the resident animal lover. Both of us ride horses, & occasionally we’ll compete in shows. I room with my cousin, of course, and also with Cecile. 

Full Name: Felicity Vera Gardner
Nickname: ‘Lissie
Age: 16
Birthday: April 21st
Doll: Retired Felicity Merriman (Historical)
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Favorite Book/Book series: Entwined by Heather Dixon
Likes: Horses, the color pink, Lord of the Rings, reading on a rainy day, hair bows, ponytails, and simplicity
Dislikes: Itchy sweaters, pecans, cooking food, pumpkin guts, and clutter
Pet peeve: Messy rooms
Favorite article of clothing: jackets
Favorite Singer/Band/instrument player: Lindsey Stirling
Favorite Actor: Martin Freeman
Favorite Color: Red/Purple

Hello! My name’s Elizabeth. I’m into all things fashion and design. I love to sew, although currently I only know how to do it by hand. Designing things is what I specialize in, & putting outfits together for other members of the dorm is how I spend most of my time. :) 
I room with the twins, who are quite a handful, but make me smile nonetheless.

Full Name: Elizabeth Genevieve
Nickname: Lizzy
Age: 14
Birthday: November 4th
Doll: Retired Elizabeth Cole (Historical)
Favorite Movie: Anything romantic
Favorite Book/Book series: Inkheart series
Likes: Well-coordinated outfits, opera, acting, fashion, and sewing.
Dislikes: Baby dolls that move and talk, Lord of the Rings (too violent for me), anything horror esque, and arguing
Pet Peeve: Incessant talking
Favorite article of clothing: Tanks tops and flip-flops
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: Peter Hollens
Favorite Actor: Liv Tyler
Favorite Color: Purple

Kaya here. I’m one of the older girls, and I help out around the dorm with Lissie a lot. I love being outdoors and playing sports. I’m a quieter girl and I usually do a lot of thinking and just standing in the background. You learn a lot that way, I’ve found. I room with MK, & Marie, though I often just crash in the living room. 

Full Name: Kaya Thompson
Nickname: Don’t have one
Age: 15
Birthday: May 17th
Doll: Kaya (Historical)
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Favorite Book/Book series: I don’t really read a lot…
Likes: Nature, skateboarding, the color green, strawberries and ice cream, double cheeseburgers, roller skating, Lord of the Rings, Just Dance, biking, and playing with animals
Dislikes: Reading, being forced to relax or do nothing, homework, soccer, air-hockey, and bees
Pet Peeve: Being idle
Favorite Article of Clothing: Shorts
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: Panic! At the Disco
Favorite Actor: Luke Evans
Favorite Color: Dark Green

I’m McKenna, though I only ever answer to MK. I’m a fangirl in the purest form, and I’m afraid I don’t ever shut up about the things I love. I’m very much like our caretaker, and music is what my life tends to revolve around. 
I room with Marie, who I’ve taken under my wing and care for like a sister. 

Full Name: McKenna Lee Way
Nickname: I’m referred to as MK so much that it should just be my legal name.
Age: 15
Birthday: August 9th
Doll: Retired GOTY McKenna
Favorite Movie: The whole Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean series
Likes: Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, playing pranks, geography class, Orlando Bloom, sweets, teacup pigs, and doing other’s hair
Dislikes: spiders, soda, slow internet
Pet Peeve: Being doubted by others
Favorite Article of Clothing: Anything as long as I’m not shoved into a dress
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: My Chemical Romance & Linkin Park
Favorite Actor: Orlando Bloom
Favorite Color: Aqua

H-hi guys. I’m Marie-Grace but you can call me Marie. I’m quite introverted, though MK is slowly managing to bring me out of my shell. I play the piano in all of my spare time, and one day I’d quite like to get into a musical school. 
I room with MK, who’s become a lot like a sister to me. 

Full Name: Marie-Grace Parker
Nickname: Marie
Age: 14 ½
Birthday: March 3
Doll: Retired Marie-Grace (Historical)
Favorite Movie: Inkheart
Favorite Book/Book series: The Sherlock Holmes stories
Likes: baby animals, horses, the color pink, roses, Despicable Me, little small dogs, dresses with lots of tulle layers, marshmallows, gardening, playing the piano, puffy dresses, and headbands
Dislikes: stiff shoes, basketball, running, playing video games, and tennis
Pet Peeve: People’s surprise when I talk.
Favorite Article of Clothing: Dresses. Lots and lots of dresses.
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument player: Fall Out Boy
Favorite Actor: Evangeline Lilly
Favorite Color: Pinkish-Red

Hi guys! Cecile here! You guys can me Cecile or Cece. I love to play tennis, and it’s my dream to become a famous player. I also like to cook, although I’m quite terrible at it. Willow is the real chef at the dorm, but that doesn’t stop me from trying!
I room with Lissie & Saige, who are close friends of mine. 

Full Name: Cecile Annika Joseph
Nickname: Cece
Age: 14
Birthday: May 28
Doll: Retired Cecile (Historical)
Favorite Movie: Enchanted
Favorite Book/Book series: The Finisher
Likes: Lord of the Rings, sleep-overs, making new friends, relaxing, swimming, bike riding, & being outside in the sunshine
Dislikes: Game shows, horses, and mud
Pet Peeve: Having to depend on others to do things for me
Favorite Article of Clothing: Anything with denim
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: Of Monsters & Men
Favorite Actor: Richard Armitage
Favorite Color: Orange

 Willow here!  I’m twin sisters with Charlie; we’d be identical if she grew her hair out longer and had bangs. People tend to confuse us even though we look nothing alike. 
Cooking my one true passion, and I'm fairly good at it, if I do say so myself. I'm famous for my s'mores, and every Christmas season, I make dozens of them for the dorm. Besides cooking I enjoy reading, and gardening. 
I room with Charlie, and Elizabeth.

Full Name: Willow Faith Ray
Nickname: Don’t have one.
Age: 15
Birthday: New Year’s Eve
Doll: MAG #38
Favorite Movie: Princess Diaries
Favorite Book/Book series: Nancy Drew mysteries
Likes: Cooking, dessert, traveling, making food for my family, watching movies on rainy days, snow, tulips, daisies, willow trees ;) , singing and dancing around my room, Mexican food, and rollerskating.
Dislikes: comic books, sitting in one spot for a long amount of time, living in such a small cramped room, scavenger hunts, crossword puzzles, and brainteasers.
Pet Peeve: Being mistaken for Charlie
Favorite Article of Clothing: t-shirts
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: Marina & The Diamonds
Favorite Actor: Orlando Bloom
Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Helloooo! I'm Charlie! I’m the twin sister of Willow, and even though we look nothing alike (thank goodness) we tend to get mistaken for each other. 
I love to read, do brainteasers, and write stories. I’m kind of a nerd, I suppose. I excel in all subjects in school, and I’m the girl everybody goes to when they have a problem. Becoming a published author is my biggest aspiration in life. 
I room with Willow, and Elizabeth.

Full Name: Charlie Liana Ray
Nickname: C or Char
Birthday: New Year’s Eve
Age: 15
Doll: MAG #37
Favorite Movie: Earth To Echo
Favorite Book/Book series: Marie and I both adore the Sherlock Holmes stories
Likes: going to theme parks, reading, writing stories, eating Willow’s special s'mores, playing video games, watching Disney movies, ice skating, Gravity Falls, and obsessing over movies and books
Dislikes: Egg salad, horror movies, windy days, really big dogs, cold temperatures, and having to wear glasses
Pet Peeve: Being mistaken for Willow and being forced to do something.
Favorite Article of Clothing: tank tops
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: Twenty One Pilots
Favorite Actor: Tom Hiddleston
Favorite Color: Red

Hi, it's Saige! 
There’s no other way to describe me than as a total horse junkie. My cousin is Lissie; we both love to ride and work with horses. To be fair, I enjoy animals of all types, and I tend to have a special way with them all. I’d love to be an animal trainer someday. 

Full Name: Saige Ash Lynch
Nickname: McKenna calls me Tauriel ‘cause she says I look just like her… (character from the Hobbit)
Birthday: July 16th
Age: 14
Doll: Retired GOTY Saige
Favorite Movie: Princess Diaries
Favorite Book/Book series: Lord of the Rings
Likes: reading, horseback riding, playing outside, dream-catchers, jogging, having McKenna fix my curls, movie marathons, eating pastries, spaghetti, & anything to do with horses
Dislikes: when things don’t work, staying up really late, sleeping in small spaces, and anything peppermint flavored.
Pet Peeve: Being unable to connect with an animal
Favorite Article of Clothing: sweaters
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: All Time Low
Favorite Actor: Lee Pace
Favorite Color: Gold

Hey guys. I’m Finley, but you can call me Fin if you want. I just recently came here, and wow, is it strange being in a dorm with 10 girls. I’m originally from Scotland; it’s quite odd being in a foreign country, but I’m getting used to it. My sister is Clara. Our parents separated a while back and Clara went with our mom to England while I resided in Scotland. We were reunited when she came to attend school here and stay in the dorm. 
I’m a quiet person, although not to the point where I won’t ever talk. I love science, and I’m often doing experiments or outdoors examining stuff. I’m not that sporty but I do enjoy basketball, and skateboarding with McKenna. 

Full Name: Finley Matlock Creed
Nickname: Fin
Birthday: December 12th
Age: 14
Doll: Customized PM Molly with Bavas International wig
Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Favorite Book/Book Series: Wildwood series by Colin Meloy
Likes: Dogs, basketball, reading, nature, science, playing the guitar, doing experiments, helping others, going on adventures, and haggis
Dislikes: Being the only boy in the dorm, not understanding a concept, having to do chores, and being late
Pet Peeve: That squeaking noise white board markers sometimes make, and having an experiment not work correctly.
Favorite Article of Clothing: Shorts
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: Linkin Park
Favorite Actor: Cate Blanchett
Favorite Color: A dark navy blue.

Why hello there! My name is Clara Oswald Creed, and I’m from “across the pond” as my friends say. My brother is Finley, who I adore, although sometimes he does make me want to tear my hair out. 
I’m a slightly dramatic, old-time loving person. I love all things historical and ancient, and I adore old movies. I’m quite dramatic at times, and I love to laugh a lot. The stage is where I belong. I’m incredibly intrigued by characters and the behind the scenes processes of things fascinates me. 

Full Name: Clara Oswald Creed
Nickname: None
Birthday: February 13th
Age: 16
Doll: Renamed Beforever Rebecca Rubin
Favorite Movie: All About Eve
Favorite Book/Book Series: Heirs of Chrior by Kayla Cluver
Likes: acting, plays, reading, vintage things, polaroid pictures, thrift shopping, pearls, antique jewelry, fuzzy cats & old, barely held together books
Dislikes: loud noise, getting dirty, messing up at things, & being late
Pet Peeve: When others take control of a situation/think they’re in charge
Favorite Article of Clothing: Does my pearl necklace count? =-)
Favorite Singer/Band/Instrument Player: Gerard Way
Favorite Actor: Sir Ian McKellen
Favorite Color: Dark purple/maroon


  1. All of your dolls are so pretty! I love Lissie and Saige's photos, you're such a great photographer! =D


    1. Aww, the girls say thank you. :)
      And gosh, thanks! That means a lot, coming from somebody with pictures as amazing as your's! =D

  2. Your dolls are all beautiful!! I love their personalities!! Lissie's picture is my fav; you are a great photographer!!

  3. Aww thank you! =D
    And thanks about Lissie's picture; it's one of my all-time favorites! =D

    1. Seriously, it is amazing! Girl you got some serious talent (my grammar sucked in that sentence XD)

    2. Aww thanks Ginny! That means so much! :)
      And eh, I thought your grammar was fine... which probably means I spend too much time on the computer. xD

  4. Where did you get Charlie's glasses?! They're sooooo adorable!!
    I love all of your dolls and their pictures are really cute! Like Maddie and Ginny said, you are a great photographer ;) also, can you please check out my blog? It is .

    1. Charlie's glasses are actually Spring field ones that I painted black! Unfortunately the lenses got scratched, so I've got to paint another pair. :P
      And aww thank you!!
      And I checked out your blog (the new one that you just did) and it's great!!! You've definitely got me as a reader! =D

    2. Ok thanks!

      Oh, and just a random question, are you homeschooled? I was just wondering because on MK's profile it said that she didn't like homeschooling so I was just wondering ;)

    3. No problem. :)
      And sort of; I do a form of school online. My parents don't go teach me; it's all really independent, but no, not homeschooling as it is defined. :)
      And as for the gals, I like to say that they're home-schooled by me. :)

    4. I'm homeschooled, I do some online school, and some that my mom teaches me =)

    5. Ah, how nice. :)
      Mine is just all online, and I really love it. I learn way more than I did in public schools. Plus I don't have to deal with annoying people. xD

    6. Yeah :)
      Well, I've never been to public school, I've been homeschooled all my life ;) haha, yeah xD

    7. Sometimes I wish I'd done online since the beginning but then everybody's different. It was great for me up to a certain point until I just couldn't take the days of boredom and not learning. :P

  5. Saige has officially been deemed one of my top favorites. xD
    But this page really is amazing, they're all adorable, and I love all their personalities :D

    1. Yeah, I knew you both would agree about the eyebrow thing. xD
      And aww thanks! :)

  6. Hi! Your photos are AMAZING! Would you mind checking out my blog? It would mean so much to me! I'm trying to get to 30 followers or more! :)

  7. I love MK's personality. =D

  8. There's Finley! I feel really bad for him being in a house full of girls... ;)
    AG Chick

    1. Haha, yup! Yeah, I know... maybe one day that'll change. xD

  9. I Iove this! Where did you get Finley's wig? I'm thinking of making my Kirsten doll into a boy.

    1. Thank you. ^-^
      I got Finley's wig from a company called Bavas International. They've got great wigs; I love Finley's. =)

  10. Your doll family is so unique! I love reading the little tidbits about them. It makes them seem so much more human. :D

    Would you mind if I used the same profile layout for my doll family page? By this I mean using the, "Full name, nickname, age" template that you've laid out. I wanted to ask permission from you first, because I didn't want to copy what you've done here.

    1. Aww thanks Olivia! ^-^

      Of course, go right ahead! I can't wait to see it!! ^__^

  11. How could you ;-; there's only one bio who likes owl city ;-;
    xD anyways, great bio! My favorite was...MK's!
    btw, here's an idea! :3 MAKE AN EMAIL JUST FOR THE GIRLS! :D yeyz
    ok thanks for listening or reading..or whatevs. :P

    1. Haha, sorry. I try and diversify the family with different interests. Other girls like Owl City too. Just not their favorite. =)
      Glad you enjoyed MK's bio.
      I would, but I've already got my email for the whole blog so I'd rather not make a third. xD
      No problem, dear. ^_^

  12. Clara's picture is gorgeous.<3

  13. Clara and I say thank you. ^_^

  14. I'm loving the updated page, Saige's new picture is stunning!!! And it was great getting to know Fin and Clara better =) I've said it once, I'll say it again- all your dolls are gorgepus (and Finley's handsome ;) ). You've got one wonderful doll family, Adi ^_^


    1. Aww, thanks Maddie. ^_^
      Haha, the girls and Finley say thank you. =)

  15. all your dolls are so beautiful, with the exception of Fin, I guess hes handsome! XD

    1. All the gals (and Finley) say thank you. =)

  16. Gosh, Adi, all those pictures (especially Felicity's, Willow's, and Elizabeth's) are just so magnificent. :)

  17. Your dolls are pretty! I like that Lissie is dressed like Bilbo. (Or at least it looks like it.) I like the name Charlie for a girl, and if I didn't already have a Carli, I'd probably name a doll that. I love how below it says MK is not afraid to prod you angrily with a stick! :) MK is a cute nickname.


    1. All the girls say thank you! =)
      Indeed, Lissie is dressed like Bilbo. ^_^
      Haha, thanks. :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love your dolls, they're all so cute! Clara's picture is gorgeous, but my favorite remains Charlie, I just love her personality.

  19. These photos are gorgeous! I love Kaya's photo, but Charlie, Willow, and MK the most. They're adorable, and they all have such wonderful personalities! I especially love MK's piercings, Charlie's glasses, and Willow's love of cooking. 😊


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