So I haven't really ever been a "swiftie" but I couldn't resist picking up Taylor's new CD after hearing that the songs were seriously good. I had heard Blank Space and thought it was fairly well-done. It seems like some people are upset with Taylor changing from country to pop, but daaaaang, the music on 1989 is amazing. I didn't know if I'd like anything other than Blank Space but I was wrong. The songs are seriously good; different than what she's done before... but still amazing. 

The CD came with awesome Polaroid pictures of Taylor Swift with music lyrics on the bottom and of course as soon as I saw them my brain screamed,"PHOTO-SHOOT. DO A PHOTO-SHOOT." I've decided that Clara is a vintage loving girl, and I'll have her profile up soon. 

Hopefully you enjoy the pictures. 


Doll: Clara (Renamed BeForever Rebecca)
Crop Top: Closet4Chloe
Skirt: Closet4Chloe
Tights: Beforever Rebecca tights
Shoes: Kit's Summer Dress



A Not So Great Photo-Shoot & An Apology

Yay for the long, depressing title. 
Eww. >_<

So look, I am really sorry about A.O. 

I've gotten one episode up, and a marginal one at that. 

I've totally disappointed everybody and I'm dreadfully sorry for that. 

I'm not stopping it, but I'm afraid I have to post-pone it until after Christmas.

I started the series in what I thought would be a time where school-work would be light, but in the contrary, I've got some stressful projects coming up and trying to fit in planning for A.O. is just not a wise thing for me to do. 

I'm really sorry for that.

Also, the schedule has gone kaput, and I'm now just kind of going to post at will; probably 2 or 3 times a week. 

There's a lot of photo-shoots that I want to take, with the Holiday season coming up, so there'll hopefully be some fun stuff.

Also, I've gotten a craft request so I'll try and work something out for that. 

I've got some pictures of Elizabeth with another failed Forever Braid attempt. I'm not a Hunger Games fan but I do adore some of the music that has been made for the movies and I took these photos with the Hanging Tree song in mind. Sorry they're less than pretty but I'll get some lovely Holiday pictures up soon. We'll be getting our tree about Wednesday. =)



~Happy Thanksgiving~

Here's to hoping that each one of you has a very lovely Thanksgiving with your family. I hope it's filled with lots of cheer and good food. Remember that this is a holiday for remembering what you are thankful for & be thankful for those things. 
Happy Thanksgiving everybody. =)



~A Photo-Shoot for 3 months~

3 months ago I started this blog; I know most people celebrate 6 month anniversaries (and I still will) but I felt like I needed to commemorate 3 months because...
I woke up this morning to find that I've got 40 followers.
40 living, breathing, people have followed me because they like what I do.
Over the course of 3 months?! 
That's insane.
I love y'all so much; each one of you is so sweet, kind and caring, and you let me do what I do and have fun with it. You encourage me to keep going, and sometimes I think you guys get even more excited than I do about stuff. xD

I don't have a fabulous way of saying thank-you; I'm hoping to do a give-away at 50 followers to show my appreciation for you all. 

I do however have some pictures of the lovely Clara; and I do believe a photo-shoot is in order, considering I haven't done one in a while. =)
The pictures aren't the best, but I spent most the day working on my wall (pics at the end of the Clara photos) and I kind of just took these 15 mins ago... xD

Clara's so pretty; I just want to keep taking pictures of her and her hair. xD


And now for my lovely wall photos. 
I'm almost DONE with the whole thing... amazing how much I can get done when I set down to it and finally use what I've printed. xD

*angels singing* 
And you can also see some of my Christmas decorations to the left... sneak peek for those who read the Halfling Writer. xD

I really just want to thank you all again; every single one of you has been so kind and welcoming. You all make my day with you sweet comments. =)