A New Blog?

First off, no panicking okay.
AG In the Shire is staying up until I die okay. xD
But... I created a new blog.
A "personal" blog you could call it, though I don't really think it could be dubbed that. 
I've created The Halfling Writer
A blog for me to write on, share photography, have fangirl attacks ... and mainly just be more free. Unrestricted to just my one passion of AG Dolls. 
AG In the Shire is still my main priority. 
A.O. will still continue. 
Nothing will be interrupted.
And if it is; it's because I'm a lazy butthead who is waiting for the snow to melt before I take pictures. 
(So close to it being gone!!!)

I'd love it if you visited my new blog.
It'd mean a lot. 
Or you could just stay here. 
I don't mind. =)

I should have an award post up soon. A.O. might be posted Wednesday... but maybe still Tuesday. Just a heads up. =)

Have a good rest of our day everyone. =)



  1. Yay! That's so cool that you have a side blog now! I just checked it out and it looks amazing! I just followed it :D

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. Aww thanks for following Shelby-Grace! ^-^

  2. Yay for a personal blog! I'll definitely check it out. I've been tossing the idea of a personal blog around so I could freely worship Ashton Irwin (because I don't think readers of my blog really care about 5SOS) and have more freedom topic wise and such. Plus I kinda have a "potty mouth" and always have to filter what I write (because you guys are pretty much all innocent, normal, sweet people and I don't wanna upset anyone) =/ you'll have to let me know how a personal blog is, I'm scared to do it almost =P


    1. Same here Maddie; I was fiddling with the idea for a while. I loved guest posting on Kelsey's blog, and then I recently did a guest post for Evie and it made me realize that I really needed a separate blog.
      Eh, you wouldn't upset me with it. I think that's kind of a drawn situation; you could upset people by not filtering, yet it'd be more true to who you are. But I say go for it; it's certainly nice to have a place where restrictions aren't there. =)
      I was scared to do it too; I'm not usually a great multi-tasker but I think you'd be great at it. Plus, I'd love to read your posts about music and things. ^-^
      (Ugh sorry for the horribly long comment. >_<)

    2. Oh, my goodness, Adi - I am so incredibly excited to check out your new blog! :D I absolutely adore your writing style in A.O. and I really wanted to see more of it, and now I can (and also, your fangirl attacks are hysterical okay xD)! Personal blogs are so much fun. AG Geeks is my personal blog and I'm so glad that I created it because I've met so many awesome new friends who are just as geeky as I am! xD I'm going to follow the Halfling Writer right now. I can't wait to see more posts on it!


  3. Cool! I'll go check it out! :)


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