The Your Blog Makes Me Smile award... again. xD

Thank you to Meghan over at Girly Doll Type for nominating me for this. Means a bunch. ^-^
If you haven't already, do go visit her blog and say hi. She's such a sweet person. =)

I'm not going to do the rules and everything because that's all on my first post... which is literally right below this one. xD

The Questions: 

1. Which American Girl doll do you want next?
I've got my eye on two MAGs: #60 & #56. =)

2. If you could create a Girl Of The Year doll, who/what would she be?
I don't have a real preference, but I'd love to have a GOTY with a different ethnic background, or a disability. I've been hoping for that for a while. 

3. What My American Girl doll is your favorite?
Mmm... I don't really know. I'm prone to redheads though. =)

4. Why did you start LOVING AG dolls?
First start? Around 2009, before I got Felicity for Christmas. 

5. What's your favorite color?
Aqua. No doubts about it. 

6. What other companies do you love beside American Girl?
Ellowyne Wilde; 16 inch tall articulated dolls. They're really fun to photograph and are extremely high quality. 

7. What is your favorite American Girl doll blog?
You realize this is like asking me to pick just one favorite actor right?! xD 
I really can't choose. Everybody has such amazing blogs. ^-^

8. What's your favorite AG outfit?
Saige's Sweater Outfit; I use the jeggings all the time. 

9. Would you rather buy doll items from the store or make them?
IF I could make them, I'd rather make them, but since I can't, I shall keep all those lovely Etsy shop owners in business. xD

10. Do you play any sports?
Uh... that'd be a no. I am not a sporty person. xD
I do enjoy archery though, and the occasional tennis match with my family. =)

Thanks once again to Meghan! 
I've got to quickly get this up because I've got things to be doing, so if you would like this award, please take it and feel free to use the  questions I answered above, or the questions I asked my nominees in the last post. 
Let me know below if you take the award; I'd love to see your post. ^-^

P.S. A.O. will be up at precisely 12 A.M. tomorrow, for my time zone. That way everybody should be able to read it as soon as possible. =)


  1. Awwww! Thank you Adaline! I didn't know that you were already nominated. oops.


    1. No problem Meghan!!! Oh it's totally fine; I love being nominated for things multiple times. Answering questions is always fun. ^_^

  2. Congratulations on being nominated again! ;D Oh. My. Goodness. You must be my identical twin or something! I always lean towards the redheaded MAGs, Felicity was my first doll, I love the Ellowyne Wilde dolls (l would really like to get one someday!), and I am not sporty at all! ;) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT WAIT FOR A.O. AND NEITHER CAN MY DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be reading A.O. first thing in the morning, since I'll most likely be asleep at 12:00 AM :P I can't wait! :D :D :D :D

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. Aww thanks Shelby-Grace! Haha, it sure sounds like it! That's insane that we have so much in common. O_O
      Hehe, YAY! And same here; but I've scheduled it so everybody should be able to read it fairly early. =)

  3. Oh, and I also REALLY want to get #56 someday, too ;)

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. Haha, you too? I love her curls. ^-^

    2. Yep, she is probably the one I want to get next the most! :D I absolutely lover he curls, too! They look so pretty :D

      ★ Shelby-Grace ★

  4. I love archery too! #56 is so cute :)

  5. Congrats on the award! I loved reading your answers! :)


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