An Early Saturday Morning Movie (Or Show)

Hi guys! Charlie here. Hope you enjoy reading my first post. :)

This morning, I was one of the few sisters up at around 7. I was spending the quiet time to check up on some of the blogs I read, while trying to get past an annoying bout of writer's block. 

Suddenly MK came into the bedroom, looking like a 5 year old in her mismatched PJ's. 

I glanced up from my laptop, as my eyes fell to her feet.
"What the heck are those?!" 

"Waffle cones." McKenna muttered sarcastically, sliding onto the bottom mattress of the trundle. 

I rolled my eyes, and then sighed. "Out with it. You obviously came in here for a reason." 

McKenna nodded. "Yup. You're one of the few up and I thought we could watch a movie to start off the morning." 

I gazed blankly at the opposite side of the room. 
"What movie?" I asked. 
"Lord of the Rings!" 
"No McKenna. We watch that every single time. NO." 

"Fine." She huffed. "I don't suppose you have any ideas?" 
"We could watch the Muppets-"
"I'll flipping kill somebody, Charlie, if I have to watch that." 
We began to loudly talk back and forth; McKenna offering few suggestions while I offered numerous.

"I heard fighting. What's wrong?"

McKenna shifted on the bed as I turned, to see my twin. 
"We're trying to figure out a movie to watch. We're having trouble." I replied, glancing accusingly at MK who was resolute in either watching Lord of the Rings, or Pirates of the Caribbean.

"You could watch a show instead. Adi's got a ton of Gravity Falls episodes on her kindle. I'd be willing to watch it with you." 

McKenna and I looked at each other.
"I guess that's okay." She said grudgingly and I nodded. 
Both of us slid off of the bed and stood.

McKenna instantly pushed past us to go get Adi's kindle.
"Be sure to ask permission!" I called after her. 
She didn't reply.

My twin and I made our way to Adi's room, with popcorn and a blanket. 

After asking Adi, I borrowed her large red pillow for us to lean on.

We settled down, still waiting for McKenna. Willow began to eat the popcorn, and I didn't blame her. I doubted we'd get any once MK showed up. 

After a while she came around the corner, Adi's kindle balanced on top of her head. 

"Did you get permission to use it from Adaline?" I asked, and McKenna groaned. 

"Permission is for wussies! We're not jumping off of the roof into a pool or something." 
I shook my head as McKenna set up the device in front of us. 

She settled beside us, as the theme song for Gravity Falls started. 

And, true to my thoughts, she did, indeed, steal the popcorn for herself. 
But it was alright. :)

We had a great morning watching multiple episodes, and Willow was able to catch up the latest ones. We had a lot of fun, although near the end we heard Adi yelling. 
"Where's my kindle?"
A moment of silence and then,

Annoying as MK may be, she certainly can make the rest of us laugh. :)
Have a good Saturday everybody! 
Let us know how you like to spend your mornings! =D


  1. Cute! McKenna sure gets on everyone's nerves lol :)

    1. Aww thanks!
      And haha, yes she does. Charlie wants me to note that they still love her though. :)

  2. This is so cute Adaline! I just noticed MK's ear piercings, they're really cute!

    1. Aww thanks Ginny!
      And I thought nobody'd notice her ear piercings. xD MK says thanks! =D

  3. How cute! MK is hilarious :0) Love her ear piercings/ earrings. That's how I like to start my mornings ;o)
    - Zoë

    1. Aww thanks!!!!
      MK says thanks as well. :)

  4. Ohhhh McKenna you are so silly!

    1. Oh isn't she?! She's just a little wack, but aren't all the best people? xD
      The gals all adore her though. :)

  5. This is such a cute and funny photo story! I usually spend my Saturday mornings doing homework. :(

    ~ Mint

    1. Aww thanks Mint!!! =D
      And oh, homework. How we all hate it. xD

  6. I swear, MK reminds me of...well...me XD in real life, at least...I'm a tad less "annoying" (I use quotes because I personally love her personality) online cuz yanno...it's kinda hard to be...never mind XP either way, I love this photo story! And hehe, my brothers always wake me up to watch Gravity Falls!


    1. Haha, MK IS me. xD At least as I am around my best friend. xD
      And yes it's hard to be as crazy/annoying online. xD
      And aww thanks Maddie!
      And your brothers are doing it right. Gravity Falls is great (at least to me.) xD

  7. OMG! This is soooo cute! I loved reading it! You are a good writer! Lol! I love MK! :)

    1. Aww thank you! Writing is my passion; I hope to be an author when I grow up so that's such a sweet compliment. :)
      And yeah, everybody loves MK. xD

  8. I'm sorry! I just saw this post! I subscribed to you with an email that I don't check very often ^-^ (I will be changing that) I enjoyed this! And I usually spend my weekend mornings by using the computer and watching a couple HGTV shows :)

    1. Oh it's fine dear. I just appreciate you commenting. ^-^
      And haha thank you. Ooh, I like HGTV shows too. =)

    2. Before we moved I didn't watch TV much but we moved to a little town that is rural and I'm a lot border and I watch more TV and I found HGTV and fell in love!!!


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