Pre-Halloween Week 2: The Gal's Costumes

First off, let me apologize for these cruddy pictures. I took these last night in not that great of lighting, when I should've just sucked it up and done it this morning. Ah well. They're not terrible, although I do apologize for those super light ones. 
But onwards!
To the costumes!

First up is Saige. Saige's costume is mixture between Victorian and Steampunk. I'm not quite sure how this costume happened but I quite like it actually... xD

He owl bracelet is actually a stretchy ring of mine that I don't ever wear. So it's now for the gals' own pleasure.

I took the pearl necklace that came with Elizabeth when I first got her and clipped it to Saige's hair rubber band, twisting it through her curl. I really like how it looks. :)

Charlie isn't really wearing a costume. Like me, she prefers handing out candy rather than going trick-or-treating. :)

Charlie also clipped her hair back with an orange flower clip. :)

Kaya is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Her cloak is Felicity's retired one, as is the dress she's wearing underneath.

I love how pretty the Gala gown is. :)

MK is very excited to be dressed as Bilbo. Although the girls are quite concerned with the fact that she now has an actual stick to prod people with. And you thought I was joking in the comment note. xD

The Bilbo costume is something I covet; it's by far my favorite Etsy purchase. The shop I bought it from has just exquisite stuff, for really good prices and the shop-owner is just the sweetest lady. 

MK's Sting sword is actually a human pen that I found at a local bookstore. The hilt and blade come apart so you can write with it but I much prefer it like this. =D

The owner of the shop was also kind enough to throw in this leather satchel for free. I adore it, and it ties the whole costume together. =D

'Lissie is dressed as Arwen from Lord of the Rings, and like the Bilbo costume, I just love this. 

The dress came with a mini replica of Arwen's Evenstar necklace and it's one of my favorite things. :)

And Felicity even changed her shoes to go with the dress. =D

Willow is a dressage horse rider, wearing the full outfit from AG that is now retired. 

I love the helmet. xD

(ugh super light one. Sorry. :P)
Cecile is dressed as a fairy, with the retired costume from her and Marie's collection.

The rosette is such a small touch but I love how it matches the shoes. 

And she is indeed wearing the wings, they're just hard to see with her pincurls. ;)

Elizabeth is a cowgirl, which amuses all of the sisters, considering she fails to go near horses of any kind. xD

I took her hair out a bun and braided it; simple but really cute. :)

And can I just say that I love the stitching on these boots?! =D

And finally we have pretty Marie-Grace who has decided to dress up as a colonial girl. The dress is one of Elizabeth's retired ones. 

I couldn't resist taking a picture of her pincurls. :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the girl's costumes, and joining us for another week of Pre-Halloween fun! =D 
Who has your favorite costume?


  1. I love all of them! But I adore Kaya's. :) Happy Halloween!

    1. Aww thanks! Yeah Kaya's is adorable. =D
      Happy Halloween! :)

  2. My favorite is, of course, Charlie's :) were did you get her shirt? I seriously need it!

    1. Haha Charlie says thanks! :)
      I got her shirt here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/163083560/halloween-costume-tee-shirt-american?ref=shop_home_feat_2
      It's still available which is great. =D

    I especially love Kaya and MK's outfits! :D

    1. Awww thanks Kels. Glad you like them. =D

  4. Super creative costumes! I think I like Kaya's best :)

    1. Aww thanks! Haha Kaya's seems to be a favorite. =D

  5. These are adorable! I love both of The Lord of the Rings costumes! :)

    ~ Mint

  6. Lissie's is my favorite! I love them! Very creative!

    1. Lissie says thanks. :)
      And thank you! I tried to make them as creative/uncommon as I could. :)

  7. Wow, those are amazing costumes, especially the Bilbo one! What Etsy store did you buy it from?

    1. Aww why thanks! :)
      The Bilbo costume is from this Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewUniqueDolls

      The owner is the sweetest and she's got some of the coolest things. :)

  8. Oh their costumes are so cute! I especially love Kaya's :)

  9. Great post! The costumes are really cool.

  10. Duuuuuuude Charlie's costume is my frickin life on Halloween! It has to be my favorite XD actually, I really like Kaya's, she looks so darn cute! And the LOTR costumes are so cool!!!


    1. IKR?! The most I can be bothered to dress up this year is with a tacky headband that's got cat ears on it. xD
      And aww thanks! =D

  11. I love their costumes! They all look so adorable! I think MK, Lissie, and Kaya are wearing my favorites though ;0)
    - Zoë

    1. Aww thanks Zoë! the gals say thanks! =D

  12. The costumes are all really great! Maya and Marie Grace are my faces though!


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