Family Thoughts: Charlie

Hola compadres. 
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This week's subject is Charlie, considering we had a few people ask to hear the family's thoughts about her next. 
Before we start though, I was curious... 
Since I'm not doing a photo-story on Tuesday, would you guys like to see this take it's place on that day? 
Let me know below. =)

Ahem. We should probably get started. 
This'll likely get ugly. 


Willow: Charlie is my twin, my other half, my...
MK: Peanut butter to your jelly? 
Willow: ...Sure why not. She's the greatest sister I could ever ask for, and she's a huge support to everybody. 
MK: Come on, tell them about her accent already before I just got ahead and do it for you.
Willow: Impatient much MK?! Ugh. Anyways. Yes, Charlie's got a British accent, and lived in England for most of her life. When we were young we got split up; I landed in a foster home in America, and she ended up in England. I had no memory of her at all, until she walked through the door last Christmas and Adi told me that she'd found we were twins. We'd be identical, if one of changed our hair to look like the others. 
MK: Okay, okay, Ms. Sob Story. You're missing the big picture. THIS GIRL GREW UP IN LONDON. SHE'S GOT AN ACCENT FOR PETE'S SAKE. 
Willow: McKenna, has Adi talked to you about getting some help? Because if not, she needs to seriously look into it. 

Marie-Grace: Charlie's great. She says she can only be described as "nerdy." She's great fun to talk to, and she's really smart.
Saige: I love Charlie. I don't think she could be mean if she wanted to... I mean, she can, and has... sorta, but I don't think she wants to. Sometimes she just gets to the breaking point. She's really resilient though, and she's the only one of us who can keep a straight face when MK is on an annoying rampage. 
MK: An annoying WHAT?! 
Saige: Mom, you hid all the spoons right...?

MK: I don't like her. She picked Tom Hiddleston over Orlando Bloom. Who does that?!?! 
Charlie: Oh lord McKenna, not this again. 
MK: I mean really, you say I'm not right in the head. It's you who's not right in the head Charlie. 
Charlie: MK, I'm really tired of talking about this. 
MK: Too bad. Cause I mean, how could you not like-
Charlie: Deep breaths... deep breathing.... that's the key.... don't.... strangle... her... 

Cecile: Willow and Charlie are the sweetest sister ever. 
Elizabeth: It's funny, because no matter how much they try to stress that they're different, they often end up finishing each other's sentences. 
Felicity: It's always funny when they're together. Neither can get a full sentence in because the other twin knows exactly what they're going to say. 
Elizabeth: It's like one of those weird twin things they're always testing for... y'know, like if they can read each other's minds or whatever. 
Cecile: I think it's just because they spend a lot of time with each other. They do share a room. 

Kaya: Charlie's pretty easy to understand. She likes the Hobbit, Tom Hiddleston, and Owl City. There's not that much more to her. 
Charlie: Are you saying I'm 2-dimensional or something? That I'm not a real person?!
Kaya: No... I'm just saying that you're easy to understand. You're not... complex. 
Charlie: I wouldn't sleep in your bed on April Fool's Day Kaya. Unless you'd care for a trip to the hospital. 
Kaya: ...

Willow: Not many people know this, but Charlie can be outrageously funny when she wants to. Honestly, she'd make an amazing comedian when she's older. The jokes she tells make me laugh so much that I not only cry and can't breathe, but I get the hiccups as well. 
Marie: It's true. She's great fun to be around. Sometimes she's quiet and thoughtful, but other times she's bouncing off the walls, prodding you and telling jokes. She's wonderful. 

Felicity: Charlie's extremely pretty, but she's quite camera shy. 
Charlie: I hated this shoot.
Felicity: Why...? 
Charlie: Mum took my glasses away. I couldn't see a darn thing without them. I stumbled around like I was drunk. 
Felicity: You do know we have contacts right? Not all of us are blessed with perfect eyesight. 
Charlie: Would've been good if somebody (yes mum I'm talking to you) had told me that. 

Elizabeth: Charlie is obsessed with the band Owl City-
MK & Charlie: It's not a band. 
Elizabeth: What? 
MK & Charlie: It's not a band. 
Elizabeth: What do you two mean? It's obviously a band, otherwise it would just be like someones name or-
MK: It's not a band! It's run by one person.
Charlie: Adam Young. He's the only person, a brilliant one too, who is behind Owl City. It's the name of his "project" not a band name. 
Elizabeth: Humph. I say it's still a band.
MK: ...
MK: Go find something pointy Charlie.
Charlie: I can't believe I'm saying this, but yes McKenna. I shall. 
Elizabeth: Wait! Don't- Don't hurt me! ADI! 


I have to restrain Charlie and MK, while Elizabeth runs to safety. Hope you enjoyed this, comment down below if you'd like me to do this again on Tuesday, and if so, let me know who you want to see featured next on Family Thoughts. 
Have a great Saturday everyone. =)

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  1. This is great, I loved hearing all the family thoughts on Charlie! I think you should do it again sometime!

  2. Haha! Your girls are quite the handfuls! Hmm..I'd say do Family Thoughts whenever is best for you; I don't really care when it is :) Dang, that sounded insensitive. Hmm...I like this whenever you post it...? I dunno. Hopefully you know what I mean :)

    1. Ah yes. They're all fun though. =)
      Nah, it didn't sound insensitive. I understand; ya like it when I do it, and you don't really think it matters *when* it's posted.

  3. Nice! I'm thinking I like Charlie. :P

    Yes, Owl City is NOT. A. BAND. It is run by the (awesome, may I add) Adam Young. B)


    1. Aw good. Charlie's a fun gal. :)

      YAS. Thank you! Somebody else who knows. xD

  4. Man, I love these Family Thoughts posts! So it's a yes from me for the Tuesday thing! =D Charlie seems like a very fun doll, I loved reading what the others had to say bout her ^.^ good luck in the DD contest! I'm sire you'll do fabulously ;)


    1. Hehe, thanks Maddie! They're really fun to type up. =D
      She is, the gals adore her. :)
      Aww thanks! You should enter; you'd win in a heartbeat with your photography! =)

  5. I love these!! They're all so sweet, and Charlie's threats crack me up. xD
    You'll do great in that contest, knock 'em dead!! xD


    1. Aww thanks K. =D Charlie says thanks as well; although she says she's not as good at threats as MK. xD
      Aww thanks! I'll try. xD

  6. Haha! These seem to end with MK poking someone with a wooden spoon. Or helping someone poke another person ;0) I love all the pictures you add to these. I think you'll win the contest for sure!
    - Zoë

    1. Ah, don't they? I'll make sure nobody will prod anybody next time... I mean, as well as I can restrain them. xD
      Aww thanks Zoe; I like adding pictures from a bunch of different photo-shoots to showcase the gal. :)
      And thank you! I hope so. =)

  7. I love these posts! They are sooo funny! I enjoyed reading about Charlie! She sounds awesome! :)

    1. Aww thanks! Charlie says thanks as well. =)

  8. I really enjoyed this! They are so funny!
    AG Chick

  9. I love these! Please do more! :D
    ~Christian Homeschooler


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