Halloween Birthday Bash ~ A Photo-Story

I came inside, teeth chattering as I tried to still my shaking hands. 

I had gone out to get Finley a costume, for the Halloween party us Shirelings were throwing tonight.

I made my way down the hall, inwardly wincing as my twin appeared. 

"Hi Charlie!" Willow exclaimed, stopping in front of me so that I had no choice but to talk to her.

"What's this?" Willow asked, reaching out to finger the track costume.

"Oh..." I said quietly, thoughts churning, "I'm thinking about... joining track... y'know, at the local school." 

"Oh.. cool...? Anyways, want to go outside?! There's tons of leaves to play in!"  

I cleared my throat. "I'm sorry Willow, I've got things to do." 
My twin frowned. 
"What do you have to do?"

"Stuff." I muttered, moving past her down the hall. I kept my gaze straight ahead, unable to bring myself to look back at my sister's sorrowful face.

It'd been about a week since Finley arrived. MK and I were still the only ones who knew he was here.
Adi had thought it'd be a good idea to surprise Elizabeth and the others during our Halloween party today, while we celebrated Elizabeth's birthday.

Toasty had immediately bonded to Finley, and he refused to leave his side. A few of the girls were worried, thinking that he'd disappeared, but I'd re-assured them that he was likely fine.

"Hiya Finley!" 
Finley glanced up from petting Toasty.
"Hi Charlie. What's that?"

"Halloween costume," I explained as he took it in his lap. 
Finley stared at it for a bit and then he took a deep breath.

"So tonight I get to meet everyone?" He asked, and I could see his hand trembling slightly.
"Yes. Tonight." 
"Tonight." He reiterated, and I could see how nervous he was. 
But everything would be fine. 
I hoped. 


I sat on my bed, already in costume for the party tonight. I watched my sisters, thoughts scattered.

Elizabeth was happily skipping around, yelling,"It's my birthday!" over and over again.
Her real birthday is on the 4th of November. It's easier to celebrate it on Halloween, though sometimes I think she forgets her actual birth-date is indeed the 4th.

I could see Willow over at the dining table, making cookies quietly. When it came time to decorate them, she angrily shook the sprinkles over the frosting, hitting the plastic tube forcefully.

"You okay Willow?" I asked, having made my way over to her.

"Just freakin' peachy." She snapped. 

She turned her head away and went back to decorating the cookies; albeit murderously. 
I didn't know what was wrong with her but I had a feeling it had to do with Charlie. I shrugged. There was nothing I could do. 


The day had flown by, and already the Halloween party was upon us. I had quickly donned my Halloween shirt and MK's black beanie; festive enough in my eyes. 

Felicity was trying to entice Kaya into a game of Halloween bingo, but I don't know why she tried. I'd forgotten to get prizes, since I'd been so concerned over Finley.

Elizabeth was prodding her presents we had set our for her, while Marie chastised her. Not that it did much good, with her quiet voice.

Saige and Cecile were at the goodie's table, playing with the yo-yo's. 

And my twin Willow was standing behind the dining table. Avoiding me. She had yelled at me when I had arrived late, angrily telling me that she had had to take care of the decorations because I had been too far off in space.
I hadn't said anything in response and she'd stormed off. 
What was I supposed to do? 
I had to make sure Finley was ready for tonight. 

I stood by MK for a while, both of us quiet and distant. I don't know what we were worried about, likely just the prospect of how the girls would react to a brother. 

Finally I'd had enough. I'd told Finley to come in after Elizabeth had opened her presents. It would be better sooner rather than later when he came in. 
"Guys!" I yelled, moving to the front of the room. 
"Let's do presents!" 
"YES!" Elizabeth squealed. 

All of us settled around her, which was hard, considering the size of the living room, and the size of us. 

"Goodie! Presents!" Elizabeth yelled, and quiet Marie standing beside her sighed.
"Elizabeth-" She started quietly, but she was quickly droned out.

"Eee! I wonder what it is!" 

"You've been touching and feeling them for long enough." Cecile muttered as she began to unwrap the items, "Shouldn't you know what's inside?" 

Elizabeth ripped open the first package, biting her lip to stop from grinning widely.

"Oh!" She cried, holding up a galaxy print shirt. "I love it!" 
Marie breathed a sigh of relief. She'd been worried about her purchases. 

Quickly, Elizabeth tore open the second present.

"IT'S SO SOFT!" She exclaimed, holding up the fuzzy grey sweater. 

"Thank you guys!" 

"Actually," I murmured, "There's one more surprise. But it's for all of you." 

"What...?" Elizabeth asked, eyebrows drawn confusedly together.
"Finley!!!" I yelled loudly and Elizabeth hopped up and down.
"Oh shut up, did you get me a dog-"

Finley came in and all the girls turned, and then froze.

There was a loud thump as Elizabeth knocked against the table and then fell backward's into Marie's arms. 
She'd fainted.

"Oh my gosh! Is she okay?!" Finley cried, letting all the girls hear the thick accent he bore. 

"Uh... I think so." Marie murmured quietly, in shock.
The girls moved aside as Marie moved Elizabeth to MK's nearby bed.

Instantly, the motherly qualities in her came out, and I knew Elizabeth would be fine once she woke. 

Finley was pushed into a chair, as the girls huddled around him. 
They asked numerous questions, but the one with the most memorable reply was one asked by both Cecile. 

"What's your middle name?" She asked, tugging on one of her ringlets.

"I don't have one." Finley replied and Saige clucked her tongue.
"You've got to have a middle name. At least in our family." 

I was quiet and then I said,"What about Matlock?" 
"Yeah, Matlock. It's the last name of a character from a book that kind of resembles you. Description wise anyways." 
Finley looked thoughtful and then he murmured,"Matlock... I like it." 
The girls grinned and cheered, while I slipped away, over to the one person who didn't seem to be having any fun.

Willow stood in the far corner, petting Pepper who was up on Saige's bed.

"I'm sorry." I stated simply, wanting to get right to the point. 
"I really am. I didn't mean to cut you off and be rude Willow." 

Willow looked down, continuing to pet Pepper. 

I reached out and did the same, wallowing in my shame.

"It's alright Charlie." Willow finally muttered, turning to look at me.
"I just wish you would've told me. I don't like having secrets kept from me... You're my sister and I guess... I guess I just felt left out, like you were growing apart from me." 
I snorted.
"Far from it. We're practically joined at the hip." I grew quiet as I continued to stroke Pepper, who was loving all the extra attention.
"Sisters?" I asked, and Willow smiled. 

She pulled me into a hug, and I smiled. 
"Happy Halloween!" I exclaimed quietly, and Willow laughed.
"Happy Halloween Charlie. You've certainly made it memorable." 

Hi guys!!! Hope you enjoyed the Halloween Photo-Story. Everything is now wrapped up and the family should be back to normal. 
They have a boy among their ranks now but... yeah, everything should be back to normal. xD

Have a very happy Halloween, if you celebrate it, and stay safe. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day and night. 
Don't eat too much candy. ;)
Let me know what you're doing down below!
I'm handing out candy and celebrating my birthday which is tomorrow. =)
And I'll likely be updating my Google page with fun stuff all day so be sure to watch for that. xD
Happy Halloween you guys. 


  1. I love how you introduced Finley! It was fun to see all of their actions, it get's pretty crazy around here...

    1. Charlie here!!
      Thank you! It was certainly hard keeping it a secret though. :P I'm just glad everything worked out.
      Haha, I'm afraid it's always crazy. :}

  2. I am probably going to be a Cowgirl. It's a last minuet thing... :D
    AG Chick

  3. I'm going to a Halloween party and trunk or treat with my friends, and then maybe to do some real trick or treating. I'm being Audrey Hepburn!

    1. Wow, that sounds like fun!!! Hope you have a great time! ^-^

  4. Aww poor Willow and Elizabeth! This was too stinking adorable Adi! Finley will certainly fit in just fine ;) Ummm...for Halloween I am handing out candy, and probably trying to finish our Halloween thing :) Oh, and going to a trunk or treat with my siblings but I will not be trunk or treating :D Happy Halloween!

    1. Hehe, thanks Ginny!!!
      Sounds like fun!!! Happy Halloween! ^-^

  5. You are sooo good at photo-shoots! You catch everything perfectly! I always seem to forget a step or move or something...how do you do it?
    So glad everyone is good with Finley!
    Can't wait to see more!
    Happy early B-day!
    and Happy Halloween!

    1. Aww thank you dear! ^-^
      Usually I just get an idea, sort of plan and "write" it in my head as I take pictures... if that made any sense. xD
      And thank you!!! =)

    2. Yes! That's what I do too...but then I forget when I get to the computer ;P

    3. Sometimes I do that too. That's why I try to do it like right after I take the pics..
      But y'know it's different for everyone. I love your posts, and think you do a great job! ^-^

  6. Haha, this is so cute! Your photo stories are the best! ♥ tonight I'm actually being social (wow) and I just finished my last minute costume (my friends invited me over but never mentioned that they were going trick-or-treating...so yeah. Wearing all black with a tan "money bag" claiming I'm a bank robber or whatever has to work =/). Then I'll be comin' back to meh house posting part two of the hair thingy and yeah.

    whelp I just realized I told you my plans for tonight when you probably don't give to poops. Whoops. xP


    1. Aww thanks Mad! ^-^
      That sounds like fun! I can imagine you dressed as a bank robber. xD
      Can't wait for the hair post; I loved the first part. =)
      And oh no, I love hearing everybody's plans! ^_____^

    Hehe, if I got a boy doll, Violet would probably faint as well =)

    1. Aww thanks Abigail! ^-^
      Haha, I'm just lucky she was the only one who fainted. xD

  8. We had our trick-or-treating last Saturday...for some reason our town decides to have it then and not on actual Halloween. :P I was a kitty. :)

    1. Huh. Odd. xD
      But that sounds fun, and cat costumes are cool! I'm being slightly festive by wearing a cat ear headband :}

  9. I love this photo story so much!!
    The pictures are so cute <3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Aww thank you June!!! ^-^

    2. You're so welcome!
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! <3<3<3<3<3

    3. Thank you June!!!! ^-^

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!! :D


    1. Thank you Evelyn dear!!!!!! ^____^

    2. No Worries!!!!!!!!!! >,< :D

  12. Adi!! Happy birthdayyy! And I loved this. Such a creative idea for storytelling!

    1. Thank you Eve!!! ^-^
      And haha, thank you again! =)

  13. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Adi, happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday! (in case you hadn't got that already!)

    1. AWW THANK YOU CINNAMON!!!! ^_____________^

  14. OOOOOOOoooooh
    Happy happy birthday Adi dear
    Happy days will come to you all year!
    If I had a wish then it would be
    A happy happy birthday to you from me!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert balloon emoji*

    1. Leah, you're going to make me cry! You're so sweet!!!! ^_^

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADI!!!!!!!!!!! And also "three days til the hobbit"

  16. You are so talented at photostories, Adi! Hehe, I love Finley! (scottish +boy doll = ♥ )
    And Happy Birthday! Enjoy some cake! ��

    1. Aww thank you Lisa! And hehe, seems a lot of people do. ;)

  17. Such a cute photo-story!!

  18. This is soooo cute! I love the way you introduced Finley to the rest of the family! :)


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