The Wall

Hi guys. Okay so I know that according to my lovely schedule to the right, it's not technically supposed to by a posting day, but I really love these pictures and they've been floating in my drafts for a while... long story short I couldn't take it anymore. So here! =D

You're probably confused by the title. I would be too.
But rest-assured, there's an explanation. 

This is the wall. It expands far more than these pictures even show.

I refer to it simply as just,"The Wall."

The Wall is a collage of pictures in my bedroom, that make the most incredible backdrop.

It's magical. 

A bit insane.

And all kinds of fun.

I have so many pictures of the gals in front of The Wall.

You ever want more pictures of it-

-Trust me you'll get them.

So yes. 

This is my wall.
My one and only. 

I hope you enjoyed the photo-shoot. 
Trust me, there'll be more pictures showcasing The Wall. :-)

(And quick little thank you to Girly Doll Type, for being so kind as to give me a shout-out on her blog yesterday.)


  1. Woah... that must have taken a long time. Also, I never knew you had a blog until now! I love your background with Cece :)

    1. Not as long as you'd think, but it certainly did take time. xD
      And yup! I just started it a little less than a week ago. :)
      And aww, thank you!!! =D

  2. So cool! That is a really nice backdrop to take pictures with dolls.

  3. It's pretty cool! :)

  4. Your wall is fabulous, and those pics are amazing, keep it up!!! xD

    1. Why thank you madam. xD
      Not as amazing as your's though. =D

  5. I wish I had a wall as fab as that ;D


  6. I love it! I wish I had something like it!

    ~ Mint

  7. Okay, this is seriously SO COOL. I want to do this really bad now, oh my goodness. I think I need more ink for my printer...

    1. Aww, why thank you!!!
      Haha, you don't want to know how much ink I used. It's the only drawback to the wall. xD

  8. I have a wall just like this! I'm still working on it though :)

  9. YOU LIKE LINDSEY STIRLING!!! Wow! I never saw that coming! I LOVE her too!
    AG Chick

    1. Haha, I love her! Her music is great, I'm a big fan and I actually got to meet her and have her autograph. =D

    2. That is so cool! I still need to go to one of her concerts. :)


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